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special 'alt+ ' characters on iMac 333

Have just installed woody on my iMac 333 and am very happy about it. Now
I'll try to get things working one by one:
First the keyboard:
The physical keyboard is the small standart usb 98 keys that I got when I bought it in 1999.

The special danish characters work fine (æøå) but none of the 'alt' brackets, dollar sign,
'at' sign  for e-mail etc works.

I have tried several different configurations of my XF86Config-4 file but none of them seem to give me these special characters. The configuration I have right now is:
XKbdModel "pc105"
XkbdLayout "dk"
XkdbVariant ""

For the  XKbdModel I have tried "macintosh" "pc101" "pc104"
For the XkbdLayout I have tried "dk-latin1".

None of those gave me the correct configuration.

Can anyone help with this configuration?


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