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Re: printer install for newbie


> Is there a graphic interface for installing
> a printer in Debian Linux KDE?
not really, but something like it. Try installing cups (apt-get install
cupsys cupsys-client). It will also install apache (web server). Then
you will be able to configure your printer by using the adress
http://localhost:631/ in your favourite web browser (no importance which
one). There you will have an interface that is quite easy to use. But it
will probably not preserve you from reading some docs. Have a look at
http://www.linuxprinting.org/, it is _the_ reference link for printing
under linux, like its name tells. There you can browse the printers by
brand name or by driver in order to see if your printer is supported.

> Can anyone please tell me how I define a printer
> is connected by Ethernet?
try this command:

lpadmin -p <name_you_want_to_give> -E -v
http://<hostname>:631/printers/<name_of_the_printer_on_host> -m <driver
for your printer>.ppd
see "man lpadmin" for details

But you will have to allow a printing job comming from the client. You
have to enter an entry in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf (see "man cupsd.conf") In
my cupsd.conf, in line 652 there is:

Allow From

under this line, add:

Allow From <ip_adress_of_client>

> If this is the wrong newsgroup to ask this
> type of questions. Please advise me where I can
> ask newbie questions.
Well, your question is not really ppc-specific but more debian-newbie
specific, but I do not think that anyone will be angry here because of
your mail, we are all kind people here ;-)

Good luck


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