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Re: 12" powerbook - no harddisc

On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 08:52  am, D.S.E wrote:


I tried to install debian on my new 12" PB.
it boots perfectly via network, but then installer doesn't recognize my
after partitioning, formatting and mounting the hd manually I could install the base system, but when it comes to make the system bootable from harddisc,
yaboot can't do this.

You need the latest version of Yaboot:

"Yaboot 1.3.10 is as always available from:

Official version of the yaboot-howto and other yaboot related
documentation: http://penguinppc.org/projects/yaboot/doc/
and http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/yaboot/doc/

As always yaboot releases are signed with GnuPG, it is highly
recommended you verify this signature (detached ascii .sig file)
(this message is also signed with the same key (keyid 0x2C447AFC)).
1.3.9 needs to go in anyway since the new powerbooks (and all
macos9-free models) will not boot yaboot prior to 1.3.9."



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