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Re: cd-rw on ibook2

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 03:40:48PM +0100, Guido Amoruso wrote:
> Now, this is the present situation: I have in my yaboot.conf the line
> "append ide-scsi", there is a symlink from /dev/scd0 (but I also tryed
> from /dev/cdrom0) to /dev/cdrom, on boot I get:
> [...]
> hdb: Enabling MultiWord DMA 2
> hdb: ATAPI 24X DVD-ROM CD-R/RW drive, 8192kB Cache, DMA
> [...]
> SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
> scsi0 : SCSI host adapter emulation for IDE ATAPI devices
> [...]

Order is important here...

> When I try "modprobe ide-scsi" the module isn't found (and there is no
> ide-scsi.o in /lib/modules/2.4.20-pre7....): I imagine it is built in
> the kernel, isn't it? Anyway, /proc/scsi/scsi says there is no attached
> device --> and xcdroast "fails to scan the SCSI-bus".
> Do you have any suggestion? I really need to fix this problem!

I believe that your problem is that the ide-scsi can't claim a drive
that's already in use by the ide-cdrom driver. You'll need a kernel
that either doesn't have ide-cdrom, or only has it as a module, so
you can keep your cdrom drive available for ide-scsi to claim.

	Brad Boyer

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