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starmax 3000 install problems

Hello all,

Thanks for the comments on this. What solved it was redoing the "make system bootable" bit again (this sorted out 
the boot-device setting) and then just entering "Linux" at the boot: prompt. I did have to go back and start the 
whole install process again prior to this, since the installer got confused otherwise and asked for log-in 
password that had not yet been set...

After all this, I get to the point where I can boot back into linux and it starts off the HD. However, one other 
little problem is that X will not start. It chucks up some errors about not being able to start the server, then 
bombs out and goes to consol mode. Maybe I have not set all the properties right during the installation process. 
I am thinking it might be screen res or colour depth (I also mucked up the mouse setting and used a PS2 mouse not 
the setting that is listed in the installer... whoops!).

Anyone got some ideas as to how to alter this (? x.conf file) and what the sort of settings might be? I have what 
came with the starmax in terms of display hardware (1MB of video ram, the standard built-in display adaptor) and a 
15" apple multiscan monitor. The mouse is the standard ADB mouse supplied with the system.



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