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Re: Debian on PowerBook G4 Titanium 15-inch 1 GHz w/SuperDrive

Hi Josh,

I am CCing this reply to debian-ppowerpc, just in case some debian developer is interested.

I have made my GUI-less Airport modem utilities available at:

The current version of SableVM (1.0.6) needs some modifications to run this code. I have provided a patch (unified diff) that fills in the holes in SableVM to run the Aiport modem code. [All modifications are already in SableVM's CVS and will be part of 1.0.7, to be released soon].

If anybody is interested to make a .deb out of this code, you're welcome to do so. ;-)


Narins, Josh wrote:
I will try the base station configurator when I get home.

I am not yet a debian developer, and that won't happen for a while, so I
can't help you get it into /sid/main, but I bet I _can_ add it to a private
repository that we could alert people to on an off-list basis.
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