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apt-get install over ssh [FIXED]

just in case anyone else was having this problem, thanks to Etsushi Kato's
2.4.21-pre4 Mach Kernel it has been fixed. see description of the problem
below in previously sent message

new kernel found on his ftp site:

hope this is of use to any one using debian-woody on a nubus-ppc machine


-------------------old message-------------------

while experimenting with some 7100/80 and 8100/80 woody based servers i
found that while attempting to use apt-get install <package> via and ssh
session, apt-get crashes. after proceeding through the first part of the
install: checking deps and so on it will freeze. the machine then will not
respond to input from the main console, or from a serial port based console.
i end up having to reboot the machine and there is sometimes inaccuracies in
the apt-get 'installed packages' type files. when i install a package via
apt-get on the main console (from the server itself-locally) everything
works perfectly. 

anyone have any ideas on this?

thanks in advance,

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