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Re: Confusing /proc/pci output

>   Bus  0, device  16, function  0:
>     Class ff00: Apple Computer Inc. O'Hare I/O (rev 1).
>       IRQ 22.
>       Master Capable.  Latency=32.  
>       Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xf3000000 [0xf307ffff].
>   Bus  0, device  17, function  0:
>     Ethernet controller: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21041 [Tulip Pass 3] (rev 33).
>       IRQ 22.
>       Master Capable.  Latency=32.  
>       I/O at 0x1000 [0x107f].
>       Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0x80800000 [0x8080007f].
> ("bandit" is the pci controller, and "ohare" is the I/O controller,
> both the ati and ethernet cards are accessible directly from bandit (OF)).
> 'dmesg' doesn't show any obvious errors, but I'm confused..
> Is it normal that some devices share the same IRQ (22) ?

Interrupt sharing is sorta "normal" though I expect each PCI slot
to have it's own interrupt on PowerMacs. I'm not sure why OHare
advertise an interrupt line, I suspec it is bogus (though it should
not affect you). OHare actually contains the interrupt controller
and has a whole lot of interrupts for it's internal devices that
are directly connected to the controller inputs. I don't think
it's "PCI" interrupt makes any sense.

Look at /proc/interrupts after the driver is loaded to see what
interrupts are actually used.

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