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Re: debian on the XServ

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Hello Adam,

On Mittwoch, März 5, 2003, at 12:57  Uhr, Adam Done wrote:

Does it need to be this particular tree.  Right now i am using debians 2.4.20 kernel I compiled for the powerpc.  I can't tell what version the linux_2_4_benh would be.  With my 2.4.20 compile i do have firewire compiled in the kernel.

At the time, that i made this, there wasn't any support for the XServer in 2.4.20. So i used this latest tree. You can check this fast: If you start your kernel and see some strange Lost interrupt messages, then it will not work correctly (because of no support for the ide controllers)

XServe set to Target-Disk-Mode (hold down t during boot) and then
connected via firewire to my powerbook.

I held the t down and got the moving icon but can not still access via firewire.

If you can see the icon, everything's fine. Notice that you can only access one disk (The first or the second bay - i never knew this really :-)

I have a kernel with firewire compiled but have not been able to use it yet.  I don't know how to connect the 2 boxes through firewire.  I have a cable going from one to the other at the moment but my working box has not yet mounted a firewire device just yet.  Can you help with some sujestions to get this started?

Well, you need - besides the module for your firewire chip (ohci1394 - i think - for the powerbook g4) - the module sbp2. For me the whole thing only works if i first start the machine, then plug in the already powered on firewire drive (or the XServe) and then load the modules, first ohci1394, then sbp2. With dmesg you should see a scsi disk becoming available. For me i access it as sda (because i don't have any other scsi disks). Don't forget to unmount, then unload the modules, before you disconnect the Xserve, when you're done - otherwise the machine freezes (at least for me).

Today and Tomorrow, I am on vacation, but i'll answer my mails, when i'm back.

Hope it helps,

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