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What is pbuttonsd ?

Jens Eickmeyer wrote:
> I have a small problem with pbbuttonsd on my TiBook 867MHz: When pbbuttonsd is
> started and I press the brightness-control-keys it prints the message
> "keyboard: unknown scancode e0 4c" right to the console. If pbbuttonsd is not
> started and I press the key it dims the display and doesn't print a message.
> Does anyone else has a solution for this problem? I also noticed that the
> latest version of pbbuttonsd for debian is 0.4.10a although there is a much
> newer version (0.5.2) out there.

This may be a simple question but what is pbuttonsd? Sounds like it
might be useful to me.
A search on www.debian.org shows absolutely nothing, google shows
mentions of it 4 times but no link to what it is and an apt-cache search
shows nothing.
I am using TiBook with Debian stable.

Mike Lake
Uni of Technol., Sydney

UTS CRICOS Provider Code:  00099F

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