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Re: Powermanagment of the new iBook (11.2002)

> Am I right in thinking that the powermanagment does not work yet on the 
> latest iBook (11.2002)?
There is a kernel patch out which should make it work.

> Nevertheless nothing happens, if  I close the lid of my iBook.
> By the way: When I doesn't use the iBook (running MacOSX) a nice little 
> light beside button, you push to open the iBook, comes and goes. But 
> running Debian Testing I can go for a coffee and when I came back no 
> little light is working. Has this problem the same cause as the lid problem?
This "heartbeat" light goes on if the iBook is sleeping. If you can't
enter the sleep mode (snooze), it will not be activated.

bye, claas

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