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Re: Activating L3 cache on a Crescendo G4 400 card (powerMac 7300)

On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 23:17:11 +0100, Michel Lanners composed:
> On  27 Dec, this message from simonraven@istop.com echoed through cyberspace:
> > too bad there isn't a kernel driver to enable the cache on those cards
> > at boot up under debian, cuz then you wouldn't need bootx, you'd be
> > able to quik ;).
> There is, actually. You can specify an l2cr value on the kernel command
> line. Here is mine on my G3-upgraded 7600:
> mlan@piglet:~$ cat /proc/cmdline 
> root=/dev/sda4 console=ttyS0 l2cr=0xa9000000 console=tty0 video=scrollback:64k video=controlfb: video=matrox: 
>                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

ha whoah, neat :) i see you also modded your scrollback, i was wondering
how it would be done. thx :)
> You can also have a look at this page for more info (it's a bit outdated
> by mostly still relevant):
> http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/linux/dev/g3upgrade.html
> Cheers
> Michel
> PS By the way, I suppose you're talking about L2 (level 2) cache, not
> L3? And I also think it's worth a benchmark removing the old L2 cache
> DIMM on the motherboard...
it is and i bet it'll turn out that on non-g3 mobos it'll be faster than
without it, and on with G3 mobos it won't work. at least from a macos
pov. i wonder if it does work having the L2 cache in there, or am i
remembering badly?


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