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Re: The right Shift Key not working ?!?

On Friday, 2002-12-27 01:31, simonraven@istop.com wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 12:16:54 +0100, Philippe TEISSIER composed:
> > > Same here... YDL 2.3 plus latest apt-get from yellowdoggers,
> > > ADB keyboard Right Shift Key unusable console or in X11.
> > > Have tried alternate keyboard. Mapping looks correct.
> > > Am running modern Linux keycodes, not the old ADB keycodes.
> several things. 1. is to compile a kernel WITHOUT ADB_KEYCODES set; 2.
> is remove any mention of keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes=1 in

You mean I should comment out the line?
right after the comment that says?:

# Enables linux keycodes (dont disable!)
dev.mac_hid.keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes = 1

> /etc/sysctl.conf; and read the ppc pages at
> <http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/>.
> simon

I did, and it tells me the opposite. I've already
tried permuting these factors, and they only
disable current keyboard functionality for my
non-ADB kernel. I've also tried the keyboard
models macintosh and macintosh_old, and they
also don't fix the right shift key. I've had a bug
report in with Yellow_Dog_Linux folks for 
months now, and they've led me through all
these issues and variable permutations, and
we still haven't fixed the problem, and every
time I contact them they promise me they'll
have a solution "soon" from the kernel guys,
so I'm concluding that whatever is common
between the YDL and Debian PPC ports is
the area of the kernel containing this error,
since both distributions exhibit the bug. The
keycode maps have been verified / manually
updated so X should work, but it doesn't. The
screensaver module in KDE sees the right
shift key, but the text input handling doesn't.

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