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Re: How to install a correct Swiss German keyboard layout

On  22 Dec, this message from Roland Wegmann echoed through cyberspace:
> I can't find the symbols ~ or @ on my keybord (console and X). In X I
> have installed the german keyboard because I didn't find the swiss german
> version. And as far as I can remember I also installed a german keyboard
> on the console.
> But now I realize that it wasn't a good idea, because it causes trouble
> to use scp ...@...:/~... or to write emails ...@... .


> So, how can I correct this on my iBook?

You can do as I have done: use the provided swiss german layouts, and
correct those keys you don't like.

I don't remember whether I corrected console, but here's what I did in X
(for my swiss french keyboard):

- use the default fr_CH xkb keymap:

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier      "Generic Keyboard"
        Driver          "keyboard"
        Option          "CoreKeyboard"
        Option          "XkbRules"      "xfree86"
        Option          "XkbModel"      "macintosh"
        Option          "XkbLayout"     "fr_CH"

- use xmodmap (though it's deprecated; but it's still by far the easiest
  to use...) to remap those keys that I want changed, for example I have
  ~ and ` on the key left of '1', as on the american layout. There are a
  few other symbols I needed to correct to match what is written on my
  keyboard. I have '\' and '|' as alt/shift+alt on '7'. Just map what
  you want.... My .xmodmap file (attached) also remaps modifiers to get
  alt where I want it.

Here's my .Xmodmap file, loaded through my .xsession file:

keycode  94 = less greater lessthanequal greaterthanequal
keycode  49 = grave asciitilde
keycode 115 = Alt_R
keycode  64 = Mode_switch
keycode  10 = 1 plus dead_circumflex currency
keycode  11 = 2 quotedbl notsign section
keycode  12 = 3 asterisk numbersign plusminus
keycode  13 = 4 ccedilla threesuperior ssharp
keycode  14 = 5 percent onequarter cent
keycode  15 = 6 ampersand onehalf threequarters
keycode  16 = 7 slash backslash bar
keycode  17 = 8 parenleft bracketleft braceleft
keycode  18 = 9 parenright bracketright braceright
keycode  19 = 0 equal plusminus twosuperior
keycode  26 = e E EuroSign Ediaeresis
keycode  28 = t T trademark Icircumflex
keycode  77 = Delete
keycode 113 =
clear Mod1
clear Mod3
add Mod1 = Alt_R
add Mod3 = Mode_switch

Hope this helps


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