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Re: ibook, still questions

OoO Peu avant le début de l'après-midi du samedi 21 décembre 2002,
vers 13:35, Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org> disait:

>> (I think this leads to a problem with Dual Head then) ?

> What do you mean? radeonfb doesn't support dualhead yet.

Yes, but XFree86 does. With latest DRI from you, XFree86 seems to be
unable to drive X at a different resolution than radeonfb drives the
console. On the LCD, X is then in 800x600 (scaled) and on the external
screen, it is in 1024x768 (or more, my screen does not recognize this
mode) but with frequencies problems. I think this is due to the fact
that radeonfb uses 1280x1024.

There was no problem with DRI of november. I may do some test to
determine the correct combination (since the kernel was updated too).

Another clue : with latest DRI and latest kernel, I can switch back to
the console without getting corruption (which can be avoided by
desactivating acceleration with fbset). But when radeonfb uses
1280x1024 I get corruption back.

BTW the trick to enable the second screen is to start the computer
with lid closed. radeonfb keep thinking that there is no external
screen but it is mirrored. Dual head can be setup via X (with second
screen not using radeonfb).

Is there a way to dump internal states of the M6 to know the
difference when I start with the lid closed or not ? I think
OpenFirmware do some magics...
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