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Re: [nevermind..]iBook and Video (RTFM bait... I know)

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 10:46:14AM -0500, Shawn Powers wrote:
> I must apologize for my last question -- apparently my email server has
> tagged the debian list emails as spam, and I didnt' get the VERY recent
> bunch of emails regarding accelerated video.  Again, sorry for the poorly
> timed question.
> That said, reading the thread on ati video and ibooks... yikes.  :)  I'll
> just have to be happy that plain jane video (ie, not accelerated) on my
> debian ibook is much faster than acclerated OSX video. :)
> someday, my skills will catch up to my curiosity, and I'll be able to get
> the tough stuff to work.  Thank you all,

If it's an early-gen square iBook, it'll have a RageM3, which is a
laptop version of the Rage128, and _extremely_ well supported on Linux.
Make sure you're using the aty128fb kernel framebuffer driver, and use
the 'ati' driver (or r128 driver, same thing) in your X config (and
enable UseFBDev). You'll get XVideo acceleration, and you should also be
able to get hardware GL support (with AGP support, if you use BenH's
kernel) without too much trouble.

If you've been reading recent threads, you're probably seeing stuff
about the newest iBooks with the RageM7, which is a newer,
Radeon-derived laptop display chip. The support for it is still
improving, but will hopefully be to the same level as the support for
the M3 before long.

Derrik Pates

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