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fixing the imstt fb driver


finally I have gotten back to working on setting up the console
display of my pmac 9600. The graphic card is an imstt 128.

I realy don't know any internals about the display system and my C
skills are kind of limited, but I am thinking of spending some time
trying to debug the driver. If you think this is to far over my head
and I simply don't stand a chance let me know, but I have learnt all I
know by simply diving in and doing it. After a while things usually
slowly begin to make some sense :)
If somebody with a little experience could give me some pointers to
must-reads or hints to good starting points in the code I would be
very greatful indeed.

Here is a short description of the situation.
I'm using the current benh source tree.
The imstt framebuffer driver compiles but doesn't work. 
I can only get a display if I use video=ofonly as a boot argument.
if I specify video=imsttfb the monitor gets no signal (maybe it's
simply out of sync).

Here if the relevant dmesg output if I use video=imsttfb, which looks

Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 128x48
fb0: IMS TT (IBM) frame buffer; 4MB vram; chip version 2
MacOS display is /bandit/IMS,tt128mb8A

Here is the output if I use video=ofonly:

MacOS display is /bandit/IMS,tt128mb8A
Using unsupported 832x624 IMS,tt128mb8A at 90000020, depth=32,
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 104x39
fb0: Open Firmware frame buffer device on /bandit/IMS,tt128mb8A

Thanks for any input,

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