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[Fwd: Re: Some fixes for tdfxfb on big-endian systems]


Derrik Pates wrote:
> I'm attaching a patch which does fix some of the problems with 3Dfx
> video boards on big endian systems (like PowerPC). First, it introduces
> setting bit 20 ("Host byte word swizzle", from the Voodoo3 register
> docs) in the srcFormat register setting, for the do_putc() and
> do_putcs() accelerated text operations, making accelerated text mode
> work properly. Second, it enables PCI resource BAR #2 (the IO port
> range) for the 3Dfx video board, making video mode switching work
> correctly. I may just go ahead and remove the register writes for that
> though, since according to the register docs, writing to the same offset
> in the register memory range for the 3Dfx does the same thing, plus it
> removes the issue of IO port accesses on a non-primary PCI bus (where
> its port IO register window is not at 0).

Thanks for that! The accelerated text now works properly on my AmigaOne
(PPC Board). Cursor is a bit funny (it appears a few spaces forward of
where is should appear), but you already mentioned that.

Couldn't test out the pci_enable_device_bars, since that symbol doesn't
exist in our kernel (probably it's onlyt present with CONFIG_ALL_PPC or
something, which isn't used on our non-Mac hardware).

What was the switching problem? I've not seen any, only one where if I
am running X with the native tdfx driver, and I switch to TTY 1
(tdfxfb), then go back to TTY 7 (X), the screen fails to redraw
properly, creating very interesting patterns as I move windows around,
and I have to quit X ;)



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