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[Solved (I think)]New to PPC

I'm not home to test the airport card -- but here's what I did to get both

I changed the "alias eth0 gmac" to "alias eth1 gmac" -- apparently the
airport card really really wants to be eth0.  So be it. :)

I can just write a little script to take eth1 down and bring eth0 up when
I go home, and maybe things will work!  Bringing up the airport card
(eth0) here at work hangs, which I assume is the card trying to find a
DHCP address.

If my thinking is correct, when I ifdown the ethernet port, and bring up
the airport card at home, the computer should use it for going to the
internet, and vice versa at work(where I use ethernet).

If all goes well, my next adventure is to get accelerated video!  woo hoo!

Thanks again,

Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools
PHN: 231-238-6868 ext 9174
FAX: 509-356-7024

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