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Re: Modem on TiBook3: chipset ?

This modem is really a Conexant but not a PCI or AMR... this is a HCF USB
Modem. The conxant has release this driver for Linux-PPC in a source
".TAR.GZ" for compiling
PS.: This driver is very very newer, for this reasson is not much stable.
But work with a little piece of hard work. (This message has reply with my
Tibook 3 conected in my ISP with internal modem)
> can't find which chipset is used in my TiBook3 (1280x854).
> Apparently it's not a Conexant modem.
> Has anyone an idea what kind of modem it can be?
> Is there a driver for this (certainly) winmodem?
> Christophe
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