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Re: sawfish segfault

Hello, I have the same problem with my TIBook... my solution has
consiste in disable the Sawfish sounds in Gnome Control Center.

This is very sux but only solution has I found.
Sorry for my more-less english, I am Brazilian guy.

Sander Souza

Em Sex, 2002-12-06 às 14:03, Jean-Christophe Michel escreveu:
    Hi all,
    Since I got sound working on my Pismo/Woody/GNOME/benh kernel 
    2.4.20-pre11-ben0 (by setting /dev/mix... as found in one mess here)
    I regularly get a segfault in sawfish when I iconify a window.
    I copy here the message visible in console on last segfault (after I 
    runned it with sawfish &):
    struct debug_buf common:
    Backtrace in `fatal_signal_handler':
    Lisp backtrace:
    #8  primitive-play-sample ...
    #7  play-sample ...
    #6  audio-event-handler ...
    #5  audio-state-change-fun ...
    #3  call-window-hook ...
    #2  iconify-window-1 ...
    #1  apply-command ...
    #0  call-command ...
    What can be done ?
    Jean-Christophe Michel
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