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Re: recommendation for stats and linear algebra software for PPC Linux

>>>>> "kevin" == Kevin B Hendricks <kevin.hendricks@sympatico.ca> writes:

    kevin> Hi,
    kevin> I need to get back into doing linear algebra and statistics again (basic 
    kevin> statistics, eigenvectors, regression, principal components, factor 
    kevin> analysis, structural equation modeling at the level of SAS, SPSS, LISREL, 
    kevin> etc.

    kevin> I have found links to netlib and the literally tons of free/public domain 
    kevin> software available for doing math and statistics.

    kevin> I spent the afternoon downloading R (the GPL clone of Splus) and Octave, 
    kevin> and the old EISPack source I remember using once a long time ago, and also 
    kevin> downloaded blas, atlas, and lapack.

    kevin> There is alot of stuff out there.   

    kevin> If I am first and foremost looking for something to replace SAS/stat and 
    kevin> SPSS primarily for statistics, general linear models, regression instead 
    kevin> of my now ancient fortran code that invoked EISPACK routines to solve 
    kevin> linear models,  are these the right packages to be looking at and playing 
    kevin> with?

I'd go with R.  It is increadibly full-featured, and has a wonderful
set of modern statistical tools.  

Depending on how well you read docs (there are a large number) or
books, there is quite a bit out there.


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