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Re: iBook2, Radeon 7500.

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 00:42, David Röhr wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 [17:48],
>     David Röhr (david@rohr.nu) wrote:
> > -cut
> >
> > Starting to get tired of not geting the radeon-driver to work. Is there
> > anyone with the same hardware as my self, that have got FB-support in
> > console and DRI working in X? And of course without flimmer. I would
> > love some help right now /:
> Uploaded some of my system-files, maybe they can be of any help?
> As you can see on the jpeg-file, is that my X is working quite fine, the
> only problem I'm having is (not able to use radeonfb in console, doesn't
> realy matter to me), and my display is behaving realy funny.
> Trying to fix the Sync-settings, but nothing helps. As I said before,
> it's a 12.1" screen. Tried using XF86Config-4 with my fbsettings, and
> without, same problem.

You are getting tired of people doing volunteer work for free not beeing
fast enough to fix support for a machine that was just released and for
which none of the maintainer has direct access to HW  ? Well, you should
consider using a different operating system then...

Anyway, there is a hack in my current tree that should fix it, at least
until I have a more clean fix available. Unfortunately, penguinppc.org
is down, so you'll have to get it via bitkeeper.


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