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Mouse issue

Does anyone remember anyone actually being able to configure the tracepad for a right-click combination using, say, Ctrl+clicking on the tracepad's button? I went through the archives, but was unsuccessful in finding anything. In fact, some seemed to be saying that this might not even be adviseable.

Eric Deveaud wrote:
On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Curtis Vaughan wrote:


Is there a way to make the really stupid one-button mouse do a right
click, say, as holding the Ctrl key and clicking?

somebody, some times ago post a patch to do this. browse the archives it
will be easy to find

What do I need to do to have both the built-in mouse working and an
external mouse through the USB?

Using /dev/input/mice allows you to use the tracpad AND and external
mouse, as I'm currently doing

MACOSX boot:

I don't know what's wrong with my setup, but I went by various
instructions and installed OSX and then Debian on 2 separate partitions.
Whereas Debian is on hd:4, OSX should be on hd:6. But I have gone
through pretty much all options in the yaboot.conf file in setting the
parameter macosx=/dev/hdx without ever being able to boot into my OSX

check your partitions again, and correct yaboot. don't forget to run
ybin, in order to made the modification used.

what's the output of sudo mac-fdisk -l /dev/hda ?


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