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Re: How to distinguish a mac from an Amiga?

Alastair McKinstry wrote:


Quick (hopefully simple) question: How do you tell the difference
between an Amiga and a Mac (both ppc machines) in a script ?

I need to distinguish them in picking keyboards correctly in the console packages.

Alastair McKinstry


The Amiga you're talking about is the classic with 680x0 or PPC accelerator, right?

I'm currently busy on a kernel for the AmigaOne with PPC 750CXe, 750FX or 7445 processors. Just so you know, there'll be another Amiga platform pretty soon. Totally incompatible hardware-wise to the classic series. We use PPCBoot (now UBoot?)

There'll be a LOT of people running Debian on these babies pretty soon. (our main OS isn't ready, and some hundred developers will have hardware within a week or two. End user release aimed at the Linux crowd is before christmas, both in G3 and G4 versions)

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