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Re: Canon IXUS v2 and Linux

OoO Pendant le repas du vendredi 01 novembre 2002, vers 19:50, Claas
Langbehn <claas@rootdir.de> disait:

> I need to get a "Canon IXUS v2" digital camera running. But it seems as
> if gphoto2 2.1.0-9 does not support this camera yet. But the latest
> snapshot versions do.

> I don't like to compile and install programs by hand. I prefer
> installing .deb's, but how do I do that?

> I already asked Christope to provide an .deb-package some minutes ago,
> but how could I build one myself?

Just apt-get source gphoto2, then adds manually the Canon IXUS v2 to
the list of supported devices (in some .h file), then
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot to get your new .deb.

The Canon IXUS v2 is already supported by the current gphoto2, but
gphoto2 is not aware of it.

It is not the cleaner solution since you should customize the version
of the .deb, but I think this is easier this way.
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