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Re: Woody Install Error

> Try moving the disk out of that box to the new one, and see if it runs.
> Also try the reverse: move the 'new' disk to the already-installed
> machine and try to install on it in _that_ hardware.

Unfortunatly, the original box is being used and cannot be swapped.

I did try two other brand new hard drives, both with the same result.

> Since you veryfied MD5 sums, chances are pretty low the CD's are
> corrupted.... That would mean something goes wrong _within_ your new
> box. Now what would cause garbage to be read from CD?
> Can you elaborate on what CD drive you're using? If IDE, can you try it
> with a different cable and on a different IDE bus? Does the installer's
> shell have 'md5sum', so you could verify the MD5 from within the
> installer? Or, from the other machine's disk in this box, if that works
> out...

I'm not a Mac Guy :)  I've had these 3 G4's thrown in my lap and
decided to try debian on them because I'm not very fond of MacOS.

The first of three installed without a hitch from one of the
netinstall cd's. I had no problems and did everything exactly the way
I am doing it now.

As far as the CD drive, it is the DVD drive that originally came with
the G4. I thought of a bad drive or cable as well, but it does the
exact same error on the 3rd G4.

Next I am going to try to replace the CD drive, and lastly try to
download a FULL install CD, and skip the netinstall for now.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to pull my hair out and drink myself
to sleep. Thanks for all the replies!

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