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Re: what is the video=ofonly kernel argument

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 11:52:46PM +0200, Vinai Kopp wrote:
> I finally got the console to work using the "video=ofonly" kernel
> arguments.
> But what do they mean? I tried to figure it out looking at the fb/*
> sources, but they are a bit beyond my humble capabilities. Can it be
> explained to someone as ignorant as me?

I'm not a real expert either, but my understanding is that the ofonly
driver accesses the video in a generic Open Firmware manner, which gives
you no acceleration or other features but will work on pretty much any
OF Mac. Since it doesn't use any hardware-specific driver, you can use
it when your internal video is unsupported or when the drivers (or
hardware) is buggy, but you sacrifice any hardware-dependent features at
the same time. You also can't change resolutions on the fly, you're
limited to whatever OF thinks your video is set to (usually whatever it
was in the last time you booted to Mac OS).

Michael Heironimus

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