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iBook 500/66 internal modem


I have got an iBook 500/66 with this internal modem:

APPLE VERSION 0010DCP, 6/10/2001
Apple Internal Modem
RCV56DPF-PLL L8571A Rev 43.06/43.06
(Information gotten with ATI[0-7])

it seems to work, but when I do an "atdt..." or an 
"ath1" then I only get a lot of garbage. It stops
when I pull the phone line. So I think this is because
the iBook does not have analog audio inputs for the
modem so that it sends the sound in digitally.
Or is it a softmodem that expects me to interpret
the sounds?

the common AT-commands do work.

Is there an AT-Command to disable the "garbage" if I
do not need/want it?


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