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Re: Has any one got AFS server/client sucessfuly working on the powerpc line?


Thank-you.  Yes, I have been looking at openAFS and reading all their webpages and documentations.  Is it best to run openAFS with xfs?  I am using ext3 right now and look to be switching to xfs in the future.  I have not got xfs compiled in my kernel just yet (2.4.18).  

Also, does it mater for efenciently the processor I use on the openAFS servers or is the memory and storage the most important functions of the hardware I choose to use to serve the openAFS cell/server?



On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 22:32, Mike Furr wrote:
On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 14:54, Adam wrote:
> I have been investigating into moving from NFS to AFS and doing some
> research on the AFS system.  I noticed there are only debian binaries
> for i86 and no current powerpc binaries.  I have downloaded the source
> tar balls and will compile in on my system.  
> I would like to know if there are success stores or failures that any
> one would like to share along with any helpful suggestions before I
> start.
Not directly applicable but...  We run openafs on x86 linux, mips irix,
and sparc solaris machines.  They all seem to work pretty well, so there
doesn't seem to be any big endian/ 32-64bit/ portability problems.  One
thing to watch out for is xfs on linux.  I don't know the exact reason,
but as I understand it, xfs breaks certain convections with inodes, or
something, that really give afs problems.  Especially when the salvager
kicks in...

Haven't had a chance to try it on my powerbook yet...

Oh, also make sure you get whatever is the latest version (1.2.6 now)
not what is in woody.  They fixed a bunch of stuff since then.


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