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Re: Alsa plays only wav files

On Die, 2002-09-17 at 17:33, Ondrej Certik wrote:
> You are right, that the problem is endiannes, because
> I wanted to know what is going on, so I switched back
> to ALSA and 
> modified the Alsa output plugin for xmms, so that it
> swaps
> the endiannes of the data, which goes through it and
> ----
> the ogg/mp3 now plays very well, but wav causes the
> noise.

Oh dear, like that it probably gets swapped at least twice in

> So there is only one question: which code should I
> modify
> to swap the endiannes? Probably the input plugin for
> ogg/mp3?
> Or both input plugin for wav and alsa output plugin?
> Or even alsa driver? Everything should work. 
> I don't exactly understand which fault it is. If I
> understand
> it well, than Alsa expects input in native endiannes.
> So
> on ppc, the alsa-xmms plugin must send the output in
> big-endian.
> So the change has to be in ogg plugin. But I don't
> know
> which endiannes xmms expect its data. So maybe
> changing ogg plugin
> isn't the solution. 

Ideally, the input plugins would provide data in native endianness, and
the other stages would simply pass it through. I don't know how many
interfaces there are between input plugin and output device, you'd have
to make sure that it's labeled correctly at each of them.

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