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help with benh_kernel and mol


I have a Pismo (Apple Powerbook firewire) under Woody for some months.
I compiled benh kernel and found how to fix the diacriticals signs needed by French language.
But I cannot succeed in getting mol working (nor having some sound...).
I just tried do do a new rsync on benh sources and compile  with
make dep
and then
make clean bzImage
and it stops on :
idle_6xx.S:170: Error: missing operand
make[1]: *** [idele_6xx.o] Error 1
(...one line skipped)
make: *** [_dir_arch/ppc/kernel] Error 2

Can you give me some directions on how to correct this ?
Is my .config file the reason why startmol -a
concludes 'Fail to map RAM. Probably an of memory condition.' ?



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