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Scanner disappearing

Can anyone explain this?: My scanner, a Umax Astra 610S, initially shows
up fine with sane-find-scanner and 'scanimage --list-devices' (as
umax:/dev/sg3), but when I try to scan from it, the program gives up
after a minute or two with an I/O error, and the scanner no longer shows
up with any of the aforementioned tools! I have to restart the system
(and sometimes cycle the power on the scanner too) before I can see it

Everything works fine on the Mac OS side, so I know the hardware is
alright. Is there anything particular to check into, or should I try on
the SANE list for driver help. I've searched and found a number of
people successfully using this model of scanner with SANE, with no
problem reports whatsoever. Any help would certainly be appreciated.

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