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Re: ADB mice and kernel 2.4.18

On Aug 27 2002, Steven Nichols wrote:
> Where is the device file for the ADB mouse in systems running
> vmlinux-2.4.18?  I am running a beige G3.  The boot messages
> indicate that it is configuring an ADB mouse, but I get "No such
> device" when I open /dev/adbmouse.

	I don't know, but when I compile my own kernels, I use the new
	input layer and use /dev/input/mice as the mouse.

	It is also nice to use this device on systems (like a
	portable) where you can hotplug, say a USB mouse, and still
	use the trackpad as well as the USB mouse.

	[]s, Roger...

 Rogério Brito - rbrito@users.sf.net - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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