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Please convince me to go fully Debian. ^_^

Hi all!

Moral dilemma for you all (kinda.)

Due to some bad foresight in partitioning, I've decided to repartition
my PowerBook G3 Firewire again, and re-install everything.  My MacOS 9
and MacOS X 10.0 partitions are eating up my valuable HD space, so I'm
considering switching completely to Linux and doing a net install with
only Debian.

Part of me is saying "Finally, to be Free".  The other part of me is
still wanting to keep MacOS 9 and X around "just in case", even though
I haven't booted into them more than 2 or 3 times in the last 3

So please give me your opinions and arguements for either.

Also, any hints to keep me from shooting myself in the foot would be

Finally, I'm sure there is a list of the modules that are available on
the boot-floppies.  (or debian-installer, or whatever it's called.)
Do they have 2.4 kernels?  Do they have the USB ACM module?  I need
them to be able to use my ISDN terminal connector and unlimited
internet.  Otherwise it's going to be a VERY expensive upgrade because
of telephone charges in Japan.  Or is someone willing to burn and send
me a copy of the CDs?  (I would be willing to pay for them, if I could
find a way to pay for them that wouldn't cost MORE than they price of
the product.  Checks aren't common in Japan, and international money
orders are 1000 yen (~$7 US) a pop...)

Thanks in advance.


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