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Re: Power3/44P 270 Debian Install

On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 16:48, Tom Gall wrote:

>   Welp... I've had YDL 1.2 on this 44P 270 **FOREVER**. Trivia for the
> day, this machine was the second power3 box to run linux. Time to move
> forward so I thought I'd throw debian on and see how the 3.0 installer
> behaved.


> And this is where the second snafu comes into play.  I needed to make
> myself a boot kernel on floppy before hand. OOoops!

Right.  This is mostly just a consequence of how you started the
installer; if you'd used a "normal" method like a CD, this wouldn't have
come up.  Now, what would be cool is if we could have some way of taking
the running kernel image in memory and writing that to disk to boot

> Something for tomorrow, but
> overall quite encouraging for running linux on at least power3 systems.
> Full blow ppc64 boxen tho would seem to be a problem tho as on some of
> those you can only run the 64 bit kernel and I'm not sure the installer
> will react well to a uname of ppc64. But knows!  Certainly worth a try
> for the adventurous soul.

Mostly dbootstrap doesn't care about the uname; on powerpc it looks in
/proc/cpuinfo to find stuff out.  So it might just work...

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