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Re: Woody on IBM RS/6000 7025 F50

George Karaolides wrote:

> On 21 Aug 2002, German Poo Caaman~o wrote:
> > I use kermit (on a debian machine). Just:
> > # kermit
> > C-kermit> set line /dev/ttyS0
> > C-Kermit> set carrier-watch off
> > C-Kermit> connect
> >
> > (it's belong to non-free).
> >
> Tried as you suggest.  I don't see anything much... :(
> Should I be doing something else after I connect?

Ummm you do realize you're not going to get any output from the system unless
you have configured linux to use a serial console. (ie not just your kernel
param but also  set your inittab)

I don't recall an f50 is like a say 270 which has a service processor that even
when the machine is off, you can hit return and talk to the service processor.
(Tho that might be the case ... it's been a couple of years!)

So the big question is, when you are looking for output from the machine?

If you want to say for example get to the OF prompt you have to get the machine
to relook for consoles.  One way to do this is with the machine turned off,
unplug the keyboard and mouse and then plug in the mouse in the keyboard slot.
(Yes I know it sound goofie but it works) then turn your machine on. Later in
the boot sequence it should try and output to all devices where a console would
be possible (including serial) and would allow you to choose (From the
firmware's perspective) the serial port as the console.



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