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debian on 823e powerpc

I'm new to this so please pardon my ignorance.

OK so I am not trying to run debian on a Macintosh...  I am however,
trying to get a cross-compiling tool chain together.  My host is a
i386 running debian and my target is a "RPX Lite" from
embeddedplanet.com with a Motorola 823e PowerPC.

I would like to run debian both on the my host workstation and the
embedded system.

Note that the 823e has no FPU.

>From what I gather the debian and emdebian packages all assume an FPU.

A few questions:

 * does this mean I would need to rebuild the tool chain and packages?

 * if i had to rebuild the tools and/or packages would anyone else be
   interested in the resulting binaries ?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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