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Re: Auto-repeat problem: released key not always detected

On August 19, 23:05 (+0200), Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Sometimes, when I release a key after autorepeat, the system doesn't
> notice it and autorepeat goes on until I hit another key. This has
> already occurred in both emacs (with its own interface under X) and
> xterm, never in the console (but I don't use it very much). This can
> occur with either keys corresponding to simple characters (like '-')
> or arrow keys for instance.
> Has anyone had similar problems?

  Yes, same problem here, happens about once a day or so. Sometimes,
  it's not even enough to just hit "another key", but I have to press a
  lot of them at the same time, and the repeat stops.

> My machine is a first-generation Titanium with an AZERTY keyboard.

  Second generation Ti for mine, AZERTY too.

Thomas Seyrat.

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