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dselect thinks it is not installed....

I changed my sources.list file last night to include testing and
then decided to change it back to how it was (stable).

dselect then wanted to change a few things which looked harmless enough.

now, if i 'apt-get update' 'apt-get upgrade' everything looks fine and 0
packages need installing/removing, etc.

however, if i go into dselect, it lists a load of dependencies and
won't allow me to leave the dependency menu.  Also it thinks it
(dselect) is
not installed.  'dpkg -l dselect' also says dselect is not
installed, too.

any ideas how i can fix this? I need to get around these dependency
problems (if they are real dependency problems). Anyway I can update
dpkg to see exactly what is on my system?

Thank you


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