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sound - strange noises on iMac / bridge.o and debian scripts

Hi all,

I have been getting back to work on my Graphite iMac DV SE machine setting
it up to do some useful things.
I dug out the machine from other more mundane desktop duties, and updated
it to the latest (release) woody stuff... it was a pre-woody machine
First problem - sound:

I guess I never bothered to set up sound on it previous to now.  I loaded
the sound-dma module (that was an assumption, and it loaded and the
speaker amplifier started to hiss slightly, indicating that the hardware
appeared to be initiated), and it appears that with that loaded sound
works -- however -- there's serious audbile noise (clicking at a low fast
level, like interrupts?) whenever the USB mouse is moved or the internal
Airport card is transmitting and receiving.
Any ideas on what this might be?  It does NOT do it if I boot it back into
I'm clueless about DMA stuff on PPC hardware, are there any settings I
likely missed?
Next problem - Bridging kernel module and wireless card:

Also, has anyone played with the bridge.o module in the 2.4 kernels?  It
appears to have some serious limitations.  It always appears to ARP out
its first ethernet interface for the default route, no matter what you try
to do to change that behaviour, and the debian networking scripts don't
play nicely with using bridge.o and an airport card, as the iwconfig
information gets dropped when the debian scripts down the interface and
bring up br0, losing your ESSID and WEP information.
Also, for some reason I was unable to trick it by swapping eth0 and eth1
(eth0 being the internal hardware and eth1 being the airport card) with
alias tricks... actually the aliasing itself didn't work -- perhaps I did
it wrong.  If I could get the machine to believe that eth0 is the airport
and eth1 is the internal, perhaps I could figure out another way to set
the ESSID and WEP key information.  Once br0 comes up, iwconfig of course
doesn't think br0 has any wireless extensions.
Even with all of this, the trusty old iMac is acting as both a useful
desktop machine and a wireless router to my garage workshop.  Right now
it's using NAT and iptables to get things in and out because I couldn't
get the bridging stuff working, but would rather make a bridge out of it
to make it transparent.  (I already have an iptables/NAT firewall and it
is behind it.)
Nate Duehr, nate@natetech.com

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