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Re: Location deb http://.../openoffice/ testing main contrib doesn't work

Hi Roland,
sorry for late reply :-/

On Sat, Aug 10, 2002 at 01:28:52PM +0200, Roland Wegmann wrote:
> Thanks Jack, Thanks Georg
Wellcome ;-)
> Err http://ftp.freenet.de testing/main Packages
> 	404 Not found [IP: 80]
> Ign http://ftp.freenet.de testing/main Release
> Err http://ftp.freenet.de testin/contrib Packages
> 	404 Not found [IP: 80]
> Ign http://ftp.freenet.de testing/contrib Release
> ...

see below ...

> Is this a problem on the freenet mirrror or a problem of my debian (woody) 
> installation?

What happens here (on woody, tested this time ;-) ) ...

ursa:/home/georg# apt-get update
0% [Working]            0% [Logging in] [Waiting for file] [Connecting to ftp.freenet.de (] [Waiting for file]                                        Hit http://non-us.debian.org woody/non-US/main Packages
  Hit http://non-us.debian.org woody/non-US/main Release
  Hit http://non-us.debian.org woody/non-US/contrib Packages
  Hit http://non-us.debian.org woody/non-US/contrib Release
  Hit http://non-us.debian.org woody/non-US/non-free Packages
  Hit http://non-us.debian.org woody/non-US/non-free Release
  26% [Logging in] [Connecting to ftp.freenet.de (] [Waiting for file]     
  Hit http://security.debian.org woody/updates/main Packages
  Hit http://security.debian.org woody/updates/main Release
  Hit http://security.debian.org woody/updates/contrib Packages
  Hit http://security.debian.org woody/updates/contrib Release
  Hit http://security.debian.org woody/updates/non-free Packages
  Hit http://security.debian.org woody/updates/non-free Release
  52% [Logging in] [Connecting to ftp.freenet.de (] Hit ftp://ftp.at.debian.org woody/main Packages
  56% [Connecting to ftp.freenet.de (]                                Hit ftp://ftp.at.debian.org woody/main Release
  60% [Connecting to ftp.freenet.de (]                                Hit ftp://ftp.at.debian.org woody/contrib Packages
  65% [Waiting for file]                      
  Hit ftp://ftp.at.debian.org woody/contrib Release
  69% [Waiting for file]                      
  Hit ftp://ftp.at.debian.org woody/non-free Packages
  73% [Waiting for file]                      
  Hit ftp://ftp.at.debian.org woody/non-free Release
  78% [Waiting for file]78% [Waiting for file]                      
  Hit http://ftp.freenet.de testing/main Packages
  82% [Waiting for file]82% [Waiting for file]82% [Waiting for file]              Ign http://ftp.freenet.de testing/main Release                     
  Hit http://ftp.freenet.de testing/contrib Packages
  Ign http://ftp.freenet.de testing/contrib Release
  95% [Working]           
  Reading Package Lists... 
  0%Reading Package Lists... 
  100%Reading Package Lists... Done
  Building Dependency Tree... 
  0%Building Dependency Tree... 
  0%Building Dependency Tree... 
  50%Building Dependency Tree... 
  50%Building Dependency Tree... Done

ursa:/home/georg# apt-cache search openoffice
libming-fonts-openoffice - Fonts for use with the Ming Library for SWF Creation
libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl - Perl5 module to create Excel spreadsheets.
myhungarian - The Hungarian dictionary for OpenOffice.
openoffice.org - high-quality office productivity suite
openoffice.org-bin - openoffice.org office suite binary files
openoffice.org-l10n-ar - arabic files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-da - danish files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-de - german files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-el - greek files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-en - english_us files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-es - spanish files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-fr - french files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-it - italian files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-ja - japanese files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-ko - korean files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-nl - dutch files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-pl - polish files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-pt - portuguese files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-ru - russian files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-sv - swedish files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-tr - turkish files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-zh-cn - chinese_simplified files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-l10n-zh-tw - chinese_traditional files for openoffice.org
openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-at - German spellchecking for OpenOffice.org (Austria)
openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-ch - German spellchecking for OpenOffice.org (Switzerland)
openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-de - German spellchecking for OpenOffice.org (Germany)


HTH ;-)  &&



Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@nextra.at

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