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Re: OF Help...

On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 11:46:55PM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
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> Hello everyone,
> I've got a problem with my iMac. It's the kind that has the CD ROM tray that 
> pops out, first of all. The difficulty I'm having right now is that I had it 
> booting just fine using yaboot, and dual booting, too, since it's at a 
> school. But the tech coordinator has wiped the drive, and was going to 
> reinstall the Mac OS, but now it has a flashing question mark and won't boot 
> even from a CD. I've tried to reset parameter RAM through OF, but that hasn't 
> worked so far. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do now?

You've tried both holding c and holding Cmd-Opt-Shift-Delete? On my iMac with 
the tray, I'm pretty sure c works. And you also reset PRAM with Cmd-Opt-P-R?

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