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Re: No sound on a G3 Blue

scripsit Michel Dänzer:
> > > Not even if you raise the 'Spkr' mixer?
> > What do you mean exactly?
> Start a mixer app like aumix, and move the slider labelled 'Spkr' or
> similar.

I have the opposite situation:  on my iMac/266 (woody, 2.4.18-newpmac)
the internal speaker always switches on by default.  I only ever use
sound with earphones (I work in a cube farm) so unwittingly having the
speaker on can be a bit embarassing :/

Is there a "canonical" way of getting the mixer to switch off the
speaker on boot, or getting settings to be "sticky" across boots?  I
could ad-hoc something in the login scripts, but that strikes me as

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