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pismo mouse questions and tangent

I know I've seen at least one of these questions asked on here before, but I couldn't find them in the archives, so pardon me.

1) How does one redifine keys (in X) to be mouse buttons?  I know I need to use showkey to get the keycode for each key, but I don't know where to tell X that those keys should be used as middle and right mouse buttons.  I want a keydown to be a mousedown, and a key release to be a mouseup.  That is, I don't to have to option-click to get a right click; I want to be able to just press the option key.

2) How can I control the tracking speed of the mouse (or trackpad in my case)?  I'm using fluxbox, and not KDE or Gnome.  Is there a way to do this just in X, without going through the KDE control panel, or gnome equivalent?

3) Another trackpad question: I want "notap" to be the default for my trackpad.  What is the best way to have this run every time the computer is started?  I suppose it might involve putting it in some rc*.d script, but I'm not clear on exactly what those are, or how they get invoked, etc.  Can anyone direct me to some literature on that as well?


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