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On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 00:39, John Mock wrote:
> I need a decent backup device for an 8500 and i'm short of PCI slots.  I've
> only been able to find one SCSI CD/RW locally and it costs a small fortune.
> Do any USB CW/RW drives work (as i'm already using USB for other devices)?
> I'm asking because the FAQ-type information on this subject seems to be
> contradictory on this question and may not be that PowerPC specific.  Yes, 
> i know these devices may be slow, but i don't really have room to add a
> IDE board and intend to leave backups running overnight in any case.  Are
> there any other meaningful options with low media costs?
> 			      -- KD6PAG


I have a Iomega usb cd-rw drive (actually two, the blue "predator" usb
and the old brick-sized blue cd-rw as well)

Both work okay in Linux with cdrecord (and thus all the frontends) but I
need to supply "-force" parameter to cdrecord since it complains very
often it "cannot get disk type", and the drive spins up and down for a
moment. I get some SCSI errors about some command being not implemented,
but it works okay anyway after I figured out to use -force.

So they should work. Best option is to try it before buying of course
(or have an option to return it if it doesnt work)

CDs are kind of small for backupping these days - although better than
floppies anyway :^)


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