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Re: Java 1.4 for PPC?

At 12 Aug 2002 10:23:40 -0300 , Cesar Cardoso <cesaracardoso@yahoo.com.br> wrote: 

>Em Seg, 2002-08-12 às 06:03, Sven LUTHER escreveu:
>> On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 08:53:37PM -0700, John Gilger wrote:
>> > To add a twist to the Java plugin thread, is the Java 1.4
>> > SDK or JRE available anywhere for PPC?
>> I know they are available as .deb for i386, i read it in a mail
>> somewhere, but not if they exist for ppc.
> I've download the ppc .tarball, but I heard that there are ppc
>  .debs also. Try the Blackdown apt line.

I've never heard about 1.4 for ppc right now.
Sun does not have any port for linux ppc, even for the 1.3.x versions. Blackdown has a 1.3.1 version in tar.gz format:

and IBM as one (but you have to register first).

At blackdown, they port 1.4.1 for i386 and sparc.

-- Arnaud

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