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Re: coda file systems on the ppc

What I am trying to do is create a strong file system for a digital photo studio.  I  am used to NFS but have been reading up on Coda and AFS but none are available for the powerpc.  I like what Coda has to offer but compiling it for the ppc is a chore and there are missing dependencies.  AFS seams like it is good but I need the server side on Linux.  I have read that NFS is not that good in infrastructure and is clumsy too...

The goal is to have a system that as soon as the picture is taken in the studio, it is saved on to the network for storage feasibility.  The files can range from 60mb to 300 mb per image depending on the mode of capture. 

So I am looking to create a dependable and efficient file system.  Coda has some good things to it but it is not in a production system and NFSv3 is OK.  I am also trying to integrate the whole thing with Linux server and clients and OS X server and clients.  Any help, ideas, or suggestions would be very helpful.


On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 02:24, Adam wrote:
Has any one got the coda file system to work on the ppc?  If not is there a better Network Files System than the NFS like AFS.?


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