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tiBook CPU speed

I noticed this issue mentioned previously on this list, but there didn't
seem to be any resolution.

The 800MHz tiBook boots linux in 667MHz mode:


0000000: 27c1 9cc0                                '...
0000000: 2faf 0800                                /...
0000000: 27c1 9cc0                                '...
0000000: 0000 0001                                ....

I don't know if that last entry is a bitmask, or a state. I imagine that
if it's a state, I can just go and reset it in Open Firmware, and
everything will be OK, but for laptop users, being able to throttle the
CPU speed is really useful.

A cursory poke around the PPC 7455 docs on the motorola website seems to
indicate that the speed throttling isn't done with an MSR on the CPU. I
don't know where to look for good documentation about Open Firmware and
Apple hardware (any pointers?).


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