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Re: KDE 3 and PowerPC (was: Re: KDE 3.0.2 problem)

On Saturday 03 August 2002 17:11, Egidio Corsini wrote:
> On i386 side kde 3.0.2 is available since june. And 3.0.1 version has some
> BIG performance problem with the new qt (3.0.4). I really don't know if and
> when kde3 will enter the official unstable distro. Probably we'll have to
> ask it to Chris who prepared one of the first 3.0.1 ppc debs collection.
> Anyway we really could set up a server with powerpc debs... But :::))))))

there is this line in my /etc/apt/sources.list for unofficial  ppc versions of 
the kde3 .debs 

deb http://kde.ping.uio.no/ppc ./

and it does exhibit the "BIG performance problem" mentioned,. 
im not sure how far away this is from unstable, but it hasnt been updated 
since may/june. .


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